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Building exceptional, quality Texas coastal homes

Since 2016, Arbogast Coastal Homes has expertly built over 100 stunning, custom vacation homes in some of the most sought after communities in Port Aransas including Cinnamon Shore and Palmilla Beach. And there are even more projects on the horizon.

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“Tod and the entire Arbogast Homes team delivered a highest quality, durability, and luxury custom home for our family.”

Tod Arbogast of Arbogast Custom Homes, a luxury homebuilder in Central Texas, started his foray into luxury vacation homes on the coast with just a few projects for family and friends. Soon, others took notice and reached out to see if they too could enlist the expertise of Tod and his team to build their dream beach home in Port Aransas. This led to the creation of Arbogast Coastal Homes, the premier choice for quality design and an exceptional customer experience on the coast.

About the Builder

Tod Arbogast

Tod Arbogast began his career in the homebuilding industry after gaining extensive and valuable experience in building design, operational modeling, and merchandise planning for some of the country’s largest companies including Dell where he served as Director, Sustainable Business and Dell Giving, working with Dell’s Chairman and CEO, Michael Dell.

Since 2005, Tod’s passion for luxury design and high-end construction led to his venture, Arbogast Homes, where he’s built some of the most beautiful residences in Central and South Texas. Then, what started as a few special projects for his family and some friends turned into the beginning of another division for Arbogast Homes — Coastal. Arbogast Coastal Homes provides the same attention to detail, impeccable design and excellent customer experience are delivered time and time again all over Port Aransas.

Our Process

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Pre Construction

Prior to construction, you will need to have selected your lot and completed the architectural design review.

Permitting, Site Preparation, and Foundation

All necessary permitting is done. The site is prepared for construction to include lot clearing, placement of a trash container, comfort equipment, establish utilities and safety equipment. Forms are set for foundation, the slab fill is done, plumbing rough is complete, beams and vapor barrier are finished, slab steel and electrical are done. The slab is poured and the forms are wrecked, and a rough grade is done.


Wall lines are snapped on the slab and the base plates, and first floor is framed. Floor systems, trusses, and the second floor are framed, (third and fourth floor if applicable) , all hurricane ties are installed, all exterior strapping is finished, The roof is framed, decked, and dried in. Exterior sheathing, windows and exterior doors are installed. The siding is completed.

Mechanical, Electrical, Low Voltage, & Plumbing Rough

Air conditioning loads are calculated and the HVAC systems and ductwork are installed. Plumbing in-wall water lines are “topped” out and bathtubs are installed and flood tested. Fireplaces are installed. Underground electrical is done. Fiberglass waterproofing is performed. Electrical is roughed in. Low voltage lines are installed and security is roughed in. Exterior work begins to include, painting, stucco, and stone veneer work. The tile or metal roof is installed.

Insulation & Drywall

All sheathing penetrations are sealed. Tubs and plumbing lines are tested for leaks. Ductwork is tested for efficiency. Insulation is installed. Drywall is hung, taped, floated, textured, and primed. Interior trim and garage doors are installed.

Exterior & Interior Finish

Exterior masonry, stucco, and any accent elements are finished. Landscaping, sidewalks, and the driveway is installed. Interior cabinets are installed. Painting is complete. Mechanical systems are tested and turned on. Countertops, stairs, and flooring are installed. Electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures are mounted. Appliances and door and cabinet hardware are installed.

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